Counseling & Admissions:

Before making any admission for any course, our counsellors at maha tailoring & fashion designing institute has more responsibility in educating and creating awareness about.
• what are the opportunities students can have in this field and giving full information about it.
• what are all the courses available.
• How students can attend the classes & various time plans.
• What are the dress models n designs they are going to learn.
• How we are taking classes.
• knowledge and skills they are going to acquire
• course duration, fees, installments, payment mode, job opportunities, business opportunities and education loans etc...

Our counsellors are showing lots of patience in clarifying all your doubts before making admissions for Tailoring, Fashion Designing, Aari Zari Embroidery, Hand Embroidery.. We strongly believe that making students feel confidence is more important than teaching.


We are operating from morning 9 am to night 8pm, Monday to Sunday seven days a week, Students can choose either week days classes that is Monday to Saturday 6 days classes or weekends classes Saturdays on Sundays 2 days classes or any one day classes as they like.

We organize classes on the basis of three time plans for all courses ( and for all the students ) that is class days, class timings, class hours, course duration all are students choice. Pls refer three time plans to get to know more about it.
In our maha tailoring & fashion designing institutes, students can attend the classes & study from half an hour a day to entire full day. Here we are refering study as 100% practical studies only.
Students can attend the classes whenever they are free for example today if they are free in the morning they can attend the classes in the morning itself, tomorrow if they are free in the evening only they can attend the classes in the evening itself.. Like this in a day, whenever students are free it may be morning, afternoon, evening any time students' like. Students can come and attend the classes, we are taking individual classes only since we make sure all students' doubts are clarified.
We are strictly following students' everyday's work performance in practical room and class room. Whatever dress model is taught to students, that must be finished atleast 99 perfection, then only we will take classes for the next dress model. By doing this, students can gain knowledge of all dress models of the course they joined. We will give enough time to the students to complete the dress model unlike other institutes.
Other institutions are making their students hurry burry in completing the dress models whether it is perfect or not. Other institutions don't care whether the taught dress model is completed or not, they would move to next dress model but We will give enough time within the students' chosen timeplan to complete the dress model unlike other institutes.

We teach our students
1. Measurement Techniques
2. Drawing Techniques - Applying Calculations & Formulae.
3. Pattern Making
4. Cloth Laying and Drafting
5. Cutting - Pattern Paper & Cloth
6. Perfect Stitching - Cloth

In measurement technique, students will be taught, how to use a measurement tape / inch tape in a proper way to take measurements, including measuring from sample dresses and measuring a person i.e. body measurement. after finishing the measurement techniques, Drawing Techniques will be taught
In drawing technique class, we would use the measurements taking at the measurement class. We will teach students where to add / plus, where to minus, why we have to plus, why we have to minus, dress models' formulae because each dress has separate dress formula and how to apply these formulae in drawings, after completing drawings, students will be taught cutting..
In cutting class, students will be trained how to cut the cloth in a proper way, then students will be practicing it.
CUTTING - PATTERN PAPER AND CLOTH: First of all, measurement, drawing and cutting all these three are taught in a brown sheet only we call it as "pattern making", students, after learning this pattern making, they will practice it first time on their own, if students are making any mistakes in making pattern, they will be taught again and again, students doubts will be cleared till they get clear knowledge about the concerned dress models. By teaching in this way, students can gain knowledge of all the dress models of the course they join, students are joining the course for this knowledge only.

When we come to stitching method, students would have already practiced the basic Stitches around 10 hours, now the trainer madam would guide the students how to fold the cut clothes n Stitch, students will do as the trainer said, next, students would have lots of cut pieces of the dress model, trainer madam would guide the students about which pieces of clothes would be joined together one by one, Students will do as the trainer said. In this way, students can finish stitching the entire dress model. Whatever the courses joined by students, all the dress models of that course would be trained in this systematic way only, at the end othe course, without no one's help, students can take measurement, drawing, cutting & stitching of all the learnt dress models of the course they join.

Time Plans

"One Course Three Time Plans"
We give our every student not just opportunity but "TIME OPPORTUNITY" to achieve their dreams. These time plans are more powerful than time Machine. We offer Flexible Hours Plan, Fixed Hours Plan, LifeTime Plan to satisfy our every Students' "TIME HUNGRY and TIME EXPECTATIONS" . Students can choose any one of these time plans depending upon their available time n money.
Course Duration: Course duration will be based on the plans that students choose.
1. Flexible Hours Plan
2. Fixed Hours Plan
3. Life Time Plan.

Time Machine is only get you back in the past or get you in the future but it will never give you the Extra Grace Period. We don't have time Machine but we can help our students with our TIME PLANS..
Pls talk to our TEAM MAHA to get to know about all available TIME PLANS for each courses and which time plan suits you.

FLEXIBLE HOURS PLAN • Students can attend the classes anytime they wish as their choice between 9 AM and 8 PM.
• week days classes & week ends classes are available in flexible hours only. week days classes are from Monday to Saturday and week ends classes are from Saturday to Sunday.
• We do take individual classes only, students can attend the classes at their convenience timings as they wish. For example today if students want to attend the classes in the morning, they can come in the morning itself and tomorrow if students want to attend the classes in the evening, they can come in the evening itself. Class timings are purely students choice. • Students can learn from " Half an hour a day to full day" it's also purely students choice
• pls talk to our TEAM MAHA to get more information about flexible hours plan.

Fixed Hours Plan
• Students would have classes for two hours a day, six days a week, Monday to Saturday.
• Course duration varies for every courses. • Students can choose their convience timings for attending the classes as their choice.
• Fixed hours plan means fixed class timings and fixed duration. Student can change their class timings when they want to but they have to come to classes in the chosen timings only. • Students must complete the course within the mentioned duration.
• There is NO GRACE PERIOD in fixed hours plan under any circumstances.