Aari Zari Embroidery Course

In Aari Zari Embroidery Course, We would teach you both aari basic and aari advanced together.
Course starts from how to fix the aari stand, how to fix the cloth in the wooden frame, how to fix the cloth fixed wooden frame in the aari stand, how to handle the needle, what are the needles required for silk thread work aari work & zari work etc.. the course start with this and it ends with the stitches & designs you make on the cloth perfectly.
During the course students will be taught tracing, drawing, loading & filling.
Student would design the blouse with aari zari design they like whatever the design it may be.. it would be students' project work and examination part.
Students will have classes everyday or alternative days.

Pls talk to our TEAM MAHA to get the course brochures & get to know about available offers / discounts / gift vouchers for this course.